DIY – Fun for any day, or Valentine’s Day

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DIY – Fun for any day, or Valentine’s Day

Too cute to pass up, check out these fun little cork owls.




(Someday, I hope to post something that is more truly original in design, but more often I build on ideas from others!)


So, credit for the cute owls goes to: .  Really fun, right?  I tried these with my Craft Clubbers and they really got into them.  One girl called them her Derpy Owls (my husband had to explain the online lingo to me).  They ended up preferring googly eyes over buttons, though I still prefer the button look. If you don’t have small black buttons, just use a sharpie and color them black.


I also glued a magnet to the back to turn them into magnets – I used these crazy strong magnets that I had purchased accidentally, but they’re actually really cool (just don’t eat them unless you want your small intestine attached to your large intestine).  I used E-6000 glue to attach the magnet to the back of the cork since the magnet has really strong pulling strength.




Supplies Needed: corks, felt and/or cotton cloth, buttons or googly eyes, & glue







And the Owl Valentine cards I made myself – pretty simple.  Attach the cork with glue (thin line of hot glue) or strong double sided tape.


Owl Valentines

Click the link above to download a PDF version of the Valentines.



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