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Best Teacher Timer – Lux Digital Count Up/Down Timer | Lux

“I’m a teacher in a school that uses a lot of timers. And it’s not just for exams – a well-paced lesson sometimes depends on hitting certain timestamps, and nothing can keep you accountable in quite the same way as the humble timer. The simple act of counting down is a surprisingly versatile arrow in the quiver of teaching practices.”


“At school, we need our timers to do just a few things but to do them well. The LUX CU100 scores high marks in all the necessary categories and gets extra credit for its ability to take abuse.”

Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools

‘Amazing Grace’ making its way from President Obama’s lips to Broadway’s stage – Amazing Grace | Broadway Musical, written by Christian Smith

“But are these moments just a comforting and specious fiction, an understandable but false attempt to move us past necessary and uncomfortable racial debates?

“Or could it — just maybe — be prophetic? About where we could be, and are in fact headed?”

The Washington Post

Saccharine Perspiration Blues – A Subtlety | Kara Walker

Sweating ghostly children reflexively working invisible sugar fields and leaking out dark blood onto the floor of the factory that once refined the fruit — well, the fructose anyway — of their labors. I have to admit there is something lovely and aching about that image.

The Curator

In Plain Sight – 12 Years A Slave | Steve McQueen

Both as baleful witness to Northup’s experience and as a metaphor for the chattel system, the scene works awfully well.  What was more foundational to the illusion that was slavery than to reject the humanity of the person standing right in front of you?

The Curator

Nothing But The Blood – Modern Vampires of the City | Vampire Weekend

Ever referential, it would be supremely fitting if Vampire Weekend’s latest located a balm for the metaphysical incongruities of modern life in the same place—a vein.

The Curator

A Film Divided – Lincoln | Stephen Spielberg

This human-scale Lincoln nevertheless maintains a sense of greatness—a greatness that enlarges with his humanity, not diminishes.  It is hard to imagine any actor other than Day-Lewis who can take the best scatological joke about George Washington you’re ever likely to hear and a solemn discourse on the moral applications of Euclid and make them not only believable, but essential to the character.

The Curator

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